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Chapter 11 - Paws and Wings! (Baby #6)

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The next morning was as normal as they always were in this family. Waking up to the sound of growls on the sunny Saturday morning, the calmness after the kids are taken care of, and the strong scent of my coffee coming from the kitchen.
It was a nice Saturday morning, so far.

"Hey, Mom!" Paris said, as I stirred creamer into my morning coffee, "Nicole and I are going to rake the leaves... wanna come?"
"I will come with you girls, but, after I finish my coffee, okay?" I smiled at their cute faces.
"Okay!" They dashed out the front door and towards the trees with leaves scattered all on the grass below them. I sipped the last drops of my coffee and headed out, realizing that raking leaves would be difficult with my huge, pregnant stomach that was always in the way.
I mainly just helped them build up the big leaf piles and burn them, leaving a patch of burned grass in random spots.
It was all pretty relaxing. I went to walk back inside, but I noticed all of the sad, rotten pumpkins on the front porch. All of my kids' jack-o-lanterns didn't last very long. The only ones left were my toddlers'.

I grabbed a trash bag from one of the kitchen cupboards and gathered all of the sad, rotten,  deflated pumpkins into it. It made me a little sad that the little moment of joy we had as a family making those jack-o-lanterns had nothing to represent it anymore. It was just a memory now.
I know that it seems like a silly little thing to feel sad about, but it was one of the rare times that we were all together as a family doing an activity with each other. I'm always so busy and the kids are, too. It was a fun moment that we all had together that I was proud of.
It occurred to me how much I cared about this moment.
I just need to make more of them.

I bent down a little bit to drop the trash bag into the trash can when I felt a strong kick in my stomach. It did hurt, but I figured I had just overdone it for today.
Walking up the porch steps, I felt another strong pain coming from my stomach.
Labor was the only thought of what was happening I had in my mind.

Barely making it to the nursery in time, I welcomed Jack Bear into the world!
I thought of the name Jack with all of the sadness in my mind with the dead jack-o-lanterns that are now in the garbage can. Jack would be our new "jack-o-lantern" for us in the middle of fall right now. I was thankful he was a boy, too. I needed a boy to break the streak of girls.
"Welcome, Jack!" I gave him a kiss on the cheek.
His little, bright pink eyes, inherited from his dad, sparkled up at mine as a little smile showed across his sweet face.
I sat down in a chair and unwrapped his blanket a little bit to play with his fingers and toes.
To my surprise, I discovered little blue wings coming out of his back.
"You're a FAIRY!" I shouted in excitement, way louder than I should have.
I stared in awe at his natural blue sparkle and glow on his face that he had to him. He was adorable"Let's see what else you look like!"
With that, I called everyone downstairs for birthdays.

Jay aged up into a smart, brave, kind young adult. He was handsome and would definitely have no problem building a family of his own, with his good looks and love for kids.
But, aging up into a young adult meant moving out on your own.
I would focus on that after all of the other birthdays, though.

My first set of twin girls grew up into beautiful teenagers. I loved them so much!

My second set of twin girls aged up into gorgeous little werewolf children. They were as excited as I had ever seen them when they found their werewolf fur finally growing, their fangs getting sharper, their growls becoming deeper and their eyes turning more yellow.
They were adorable little werewolves!

Now, Jack was obviously as cute as anyone could be. His vibrant blue/pink/purple hair, bright pink eyes, and sparkling blue wings. He was the best fairy I had ever seen and as adorable as ever! How could you not just fall in love with that sweet, fairy face?
All of my other kids admired his wings and natural sparkle and glow he had to him.
He was something else, I tell you.

With the birthday excitement dying down and the cakes being put away in the fridge, I knew exactly what time it was. Time to say goodbye.
Jay looked at me from across the room with that 'Well-I-Guess-It's-Now-Or-Never' look on his face. We both sighed as he held his arms out, asking for a hug.
I tried to hold in the tears as he rubbed my back.
"Jay," I started to say, my voice starting to become shaky, "You were such a big help to me and I'm glad that you were my first child. Thank you for always helping out and encouraging me. I'm going to miss you." I hugged him even tighter. "I love you, Jay... bunches."
He hugged me back and sniffed a little bit, too. "I love you too, mom. But, you know that this isn't goodbye forever, right? I promise I will keep in touch with you. Always."
It was a bitter-sweet moment. Sweet that my challenge was making progress, but bitter because I had to accept that fact that my kids were growing up and moving on.
And with that, he had taken his belongings and walked out of the house, calling a taxi.
I grabbed a tissue and wiped the tears from my cheeks as I watched him drive away.
I couldn't believe that my first child had just moved out as an adult. I don't think I will ever be as emotional as I was with Jay moving out as I will be with any other kids. Jay was just my only child for a long time and he was with me and as loving and helpful as any child could ever be.
I surely would miss him. But, like he said, it wasn't the last goodbye.


"But, Mommy, why can't I just fly?" Jack whined, blocking the morning sunshine from his face by covering it with his hand. 
"Well, everyone else learns to walk as a toddler, including you. It'll be fun!" I put his hands in mine and helped him stand up. 
He sure was smart for a toddler, trying to get his way around things.
Maybe his fairy powers made him smarter.
I'm pretty sure I was right. He caught on way faster than any of my other kids had.
Within 20 minutes, he had it down.
"Now can I just fly everywhere?" He smiled.
I smiled back at him. "Sure."
He first floated off of the ground, then flew in circles around the block table.
"Yay! I'm better at flying than walking, anyways." He had a smirk on his face.
I giggled and kissed him on the cheek.

With the ring of a doorbell, I was out of the nursery, and opening the front door to see Jacob standing there, a frown on his face.
I was instantly curious. "Uh..."
He rubbed the back of his neck with his hand, looking nervous. "I know that challenge rules are to only... you know... 'have a baby' once and then not see each other again, but I was wondering if maybe, you-"
"No." I interrupted, "These things are a one time, and one time only, kind of deal. I'm sorry, but the answer is a definite no."
"Oh, c'mon-" He pleaded.
I cut him off again, "NO. Now get away from me and my family."
He gave up the fight and jumped back in his car, intimidated by me a little bit.
I really didn't mean any harm, I just never want to/ like to deal with the challenge dads after already having the baby.

I went back inside to check on my little baby, whose dad had just run off.
He was as cute as ever, playing with a toy rocket, not even bothering to get out of the toy chest.
Everything was normal and happy, until I heard a loud pounding on the front door.

I opened the door, looking for a person, when, to my surprise, I heard a meow instead of a voice. I looked down and saw a cat and a small dog.

Nicole's words and smile rang back through my mind.
"Are we getting a puppy?"

They were strangely colored, with multi-colored spots covering both of their bodies. It looked like both of them had got into a fight with a huge bin of art supplies.
Maybe it was paint.
I bent down and looked at them closer as the dog playfully bowed, shaking his butt in the air and the cat lifted her paw up to put it on my hand.
I carefully pet each pet's fur to inspect their strange colored dots.
My hand ran smoothly through each animals' fur. It defiantly wasn't paint. It was an odd color for a cat or dog to have, but I guess it just makes them very unique.
I thought about keeping them for a little bit, but when the dog started licking my hand and the cat rubbed her face on my leg, I instantly fell in love with the both of them.
Hey, we had room in our family, so why not keep them?
It was decided.
These two animals are now part of the Bears!

I called all of my kids down to make friends with our new pets.
Nicole was the one who was down there first. She was confused at their strange colors at first, but after I explained everything to her and added in that we were keeping them, her eyes lit up with excitement.
The dog was instantly drawn towards her, too. They had a special connection right from the beginning. She bent down, letting the dog sniff her hand, and instead, the dog smothered her hand in kisses, making Nicole bust out in laughter.
As they were bonding, I realized that neither of us even bothered to look at their name tags on their collars.
"Once he stops kissing your hand, you should check to see what his name is. I never bothered to look." I said, picking up the cat to check hers.
"It says 'Miles'." She smiled, "That name is perfect!" She rubbed his ears with love.
I read the cat's name out loud. "Kittles. Her's is pretty good, too." I scratched her neck.

She squirmed to get down after a while of me carrying her, so I put her down. She ended up sniffing my hand, too! I guess it's something that all pets do to get to know a person. I wouldn't know, since my mom was always very against having a pet, even though I had begged her for years.
But, it was my house, my family, and my rules, so we were going to have pets!
I thought about it for a while and came to the conclusion that I would probably take care of them myself, without help from the kids. They would most likely only be willing to fill their pet bowls and play with them, but I was totally fine with it.
Having pets is a big responsibility, but I was ready for what was ahead of us.
I led Kittles inside with the kids and Miles to relax and make themselves at home.
Nicole bought some pet supplies and watched the pets for a while to make sure they were comfortable with their new home.

As I was about to head inside, too, I heard a shout from the street.
"Wait, Mrs. Bear?" I looked back and standing there was a delivery man pulling a large box out of his delivery truck.
"Yes?" I was curious. The only mail that I ever received was bills. "Is that package for me?"
He started rolling it up the pathway on a cart. "Sure is. I just need you to sign here." He handed me a clipboard that read 'To: Mrs.Bear From: Jay Bear ... Love you Mom! Hope this will help you out.'. I quickly signed the paper and brought the box inside the house to open it up.
After being distracted by Kittles and her cute little face for a few minutes and reading a few assembling instructions, I figured out that he had given me a baby/toddler changing/bathing table and 3 baby monitors.
I stopped what I was doing for a moment because I was so shocked.
He was living on his own now... how could he afford to just gift this to me?
He was always very generous and kind-hearted, but I worried about him financially a little bit. I got up off the floor and stopped assembling the table to mail Jay some cash before I forgot to do it later. I put the same words on the note in the envelope as he did, changing the 'Mom' to 'Jay'. I also added a little 'P.S.' note telling him how much I loved and appreciated this gift.
About an hour went by, and the table was built, in the nursery, and the monitors were placed around the house. I fell in love with it and couldn't wait to use it!

As soon as I went back downstairs to check on the new pets after building the changing table, I saw Miles playing with a squeaky bone toy he got out of the dog toy crate. I laughed at how he rolled on his back with the toy in his mouth, the way his ears flapped around, and the way he was growling at the toy. The squeaking got annoying really fast, but the way Miles played with it sure didn't. I knew I wasn't going to regret bringing these pets into the family.

Upon further inspection, I found Kittles playing with a wall feather toy that Nicole had hung up for her. She swatted the feather over and over again, entertaining herself with the new toy. I grabbed something to eat from the fridge when I heard her sneeze over and over again. The toy must have tickled her nose. I laughed from the other room and dug into my plate of leftover cake.

I then saw Paris come down and plug in the coffee maker.
"Coffee?" I looked at the clock. It was getting late. "Really?"
She shrugged her shoulders as she placed a cup into the machine. "Eh, why not?"
"You're going to get all buzzed from the caffeine in that drink. You just wait." I warned her.
About 15 minutes later, I was right. She was all hyped up on coffee.
"See? What did I tell you?" We both laughed.
"I'll just get some work done around the house. Take out the trash, feed the pets, you know, make use of my late-night energy." She rinsed out her mug.
"There you go." I gave her a pat on the back. I was thankful she was willing to help out. This way I could relax for a little bit.

Paris indeed did what she said she would do. She filled the pets' food dishes, one with cat food and one with dog food. Miles didn't hesitate to dig right in, but Kittles spent some time pawing her food before eating it.
Paris left upstairs to put Jack in his crib, while I stayed downstairs and washed the dishes.

Suddenly, I felt my back pocket vibrate. I pulled out my phone to find a new message from Paris. This picture was attached to it. I read the message.
"It looks like Miles followed me up into the nursery. Him and Jack love each other!"
I laughed at the way both of them looked curious of each other.

Out of the blue, I heard a weird, electronic noise. Peeking around the corner of the stairs, I realized it was some sort of high-tech litter box Nicole had picked out.
I figured out that every time Kittles would use it, it would automatically clean it using some sort of laser technology. Seemed odd to me, but if it kept me out of cleaning the cat litter, I was totally fine with it.

With all of the kids and pets taken care of, I figured I would go to bed, since all of my other children were sound asleep. I started to head up the stairs, and Kittles followed right behind me. I really loved her. I wanted her to be my kitty. I've always wanted a kitty, too.
As I was changing into my PJ's, I came up with an idea.
Kittles can be mine, and Miles can be all of ours!
I thought it was a great idea, so I decided to go with it and announce the news to the kids tomorrow.

Miles was already sleeping in his small, blue bed when I walked in.

Kittles had no choice but to sleep in the leopard-print bed. I found it adorable how our beds matched. I also loved the pets sleeping in my bedroom with me. That way, I won't have to worry about them escaping in the night, because if they leave, I'll hear it.

I pulled my bed covers up and laid my head down on the soft pillow.
Yesterday and today had been pretty successful, with my 6th child, birthdays, and 2 new pets, I would call it a great new start in the new house... in my new life.
Now, I just had to wait and see how the whole fairy child and pets thing would work out.
Only time could tell.


Thank you for reading and sorry for the long wait, the holidays caught up with me!
I also apologize for the shortness of this chapter!
I love you all, and don't forget, all feedback is appreciated!


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    1. Aww, thanks so much! She's a great addition to the family! :D

      ~Heather/Payton Bear

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