Thursday, November 29, 2012

Chapter 7 - Time For School!

I needed to get everyone to bed, it was really late. I started off with Paris. 
Nicole wasn't too happy, though, that her sister got to go first.

Soon, everyone, including Jay, was sleeping.

By the time I got to bed, it was so late that the morning sun was peeking through the windows
I really have to try and get to bed earlier. I'll never learn, will I?

Paris woke up after only 30 fast minutes of sleep, for me.
I sighed as I headed into the nursery to start the next day.
Oh, the life of a challenge mom.

I felt so bad for her. 
"I really have to get better at this 'mommy' thing, don't I Paris?" I said to her, apologizing.
 "Kind of." Paris said quietly.
I just laughed as I handed her a bottle.
In no time, Nicole was up, too.

When I picked her up to take care of her, she would not stop fussing and crying.
I tried everything. Lullabies, teddy bears, crackers. Nothing worked.
I left her with a warm bottle of milk on the floor and figured that she would drink it sooner or later.

After I had a nice shower, I checked back up on the girls.
Everything was back to normal.
I sighed in relief as I picked up the empty bottle by Nicole's crib.

As I made my way downstairs, I saw Jay finishing up his breakfast.
 "Really, Jay?", I said to him, "Cake for breakfast?" 
"Yeah, mom! It's delicious!" he happily replied with his mouth stuffed with cake and his lips blue from the frosting.
 "Okay, then." I said, realizing that I always eat cake for breakfast, too.
I guess my kids take after me.
I giggled as I washed his dirty dishes.

Jay was such a typical boy. He played video games almost all day. 
He always got really into it, too.
You would always hear him yelling at the T.V. or shouting in excitement.

I gathered all of the birthday cakes from last night and put them all away in the fridge. 
"Three cakes will hold us up for a long time." I said out loud. 
"THERE'S THREE CAKES IN THE FRIDGE?!?" I heard Jay yell to me. 
I also heard the video game noises stop. He must have paused it. 
"Yeah, why?" I replied. 
"THAT'S SO AWESOME!" Jay yelled back.
 The video game noises continued once again and I just laughed to myself. 
I'm gonna miss Jay when he moves out.

After I ate some bacon, I was in then nursery teaching walking and talking lessons to my girls.
Nicole was doing pretty well, but Paris had some troubles with walking.
After a while, though, they both got the hang of both skills.

I suddenly heard Jay screaming and laughing while I heard trampoline jumping noises. 
He saw me watching him and waved to me. I happily waved back.
He was having a lot of fun doing a bunch of 'kid' activities , now.
He was out there for hours jumping on the trampoline, sliding down the slide, and springing on the spring riders.
I was glad that he was having a lot of fun.

As the sun set further and further, I realized how late it really was.
2 lullaby songs later and both of my girls were fast asleep.

I then stood by the nursery window, trying to get Jay's attention. 
He finally looked over to me and I tried to use hand signals to tell him to go to sleep soon. 
He nodded his head and mouthed "Okay."
 I watched him slide down the jungle gym pole and head inside.
I was off to a new daddy's house to continue my challenge.

I ran into a handsome man named Devin Pine.
His eyes were a bright, crystal blue. It was really easy to get lost in them.
He fit under all 3 categories of cute, male, and single.
"Right now I have to get home to my kids. It's pretty late and Jay has his first day of school tomorrow. I have to make sure he is in bed." I told him. 
"Oh, okay. Tell Jay that I send him good luck on his first day of school!" He said.
"Aww, okay! I will!" I said, thinking of how sweet he was to say that.

The next morning, Jay's room was my first stop of the day.
"How's my little student?" I said with a big smile on my face as I entered the room.
"He's okay..." Jay mumbled. He looked kind of sick.
"Just 'okay'?" I was worried about him. "Aren't you excited to go to school?"
"I guess." He didn't look like he was telling the truth. "I'm just so scared. There are high-school students that are in the same school as me. Doesn't that sound scary to you, too?"
"Well, I've already been through school, Jay. Trust me, you'll be fine. As long as you act the way that you normally do and be the same ol' Jay that you always are, everyone will love you. Promise."
I leaned down and gave him a hug. I was glad that he felt better.

I heard a scream and a cry coming from the nursery.
"I gotta go. Get ready for school, Jay! You'll do great! Love you!" I said, giving him a kiss on the cheek.
"Love you, too, mom!" He replied as he made his bed.
I quickly took care of my twins, going through the regular, repeating routine.

Soon after I heard a bus honk outside, I heard Jay yell "Bye, mom!" up the stairs.
"Bye, sweetie!" I yelled back.
When the bus left, reality hit me.
I was left with just my twins at home. Jay wasn't here.
Jay has always been here, but now he's growing up and moving on.
I laid into my bed, exhausted and in no time, fell asleep.

I woke up to the sound of a bus horn and a door slam.
I looked at my alarm clock on the nightstand.
It read 3:00.
Jay was already home from school.
Better go ask him how his first day of school was.

I poked my head downstairs to find Jay raiding the fridge for something to eat. 
"Hey, Jay! How was school?" I asked him. 
"It was fun! But, I'm really hungry." He said as he dug through the fridge.
 "There's some bacon in there...some cake..." I said, trying to help him. 
"I'll go with bacon." He said. 
"Alright, well, I'll be in the nursery!" I told him.
 "Kay!" He said as he headed to the table with a plate of bacon.
 "Oh, and don't forget to do your homework!" I shouted to him. 
"I won't forget!" He said, reassuring me.

Soon, everyone in the house was sound asleep. 
I actually felt relaxed for some reason. It was kind of strange.
I reasoned in my head that something was wrong, but I just didn't know about it.
There was no way that nothing could be wrong in my family.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Chapter 6 - It's Twins!

After the relief of finding out that I was finally pregnant again, I went downstairs to take care of Jay.
I picked him up and tickled him.
"You're gonna be a big brother soon!" I told him.
"Brother?" Jay said, confused.
"You'll understand in a few days, Jay." I explained to him with a smile.

I changed him into his PJ's, gave him a bottle, and put him in his crib.

Then, did some cleaning. Potty messes were usual to me, now.

With many happy feelings, I sank into my bed, dreaming of babies.

I woke up after hearing weird noises in the nursery. 
I went in to find someone in my house! I started to panic.
Why was there someone in my house? And why was he in the nursery? 
"Dude, what are you doing in my house? GET OUT OF HERE!" I yelled at him.
"Fine then!" he yelled back. He left with a snobby look on his face.

I eventually woke up, somehow on the other side of the bed.
 I was already anxious to go through labor.
 It was hard enough waiting all this time.

I went into the nursery to check on Jay. He was already awake.
 "Good Morning, Jay!" I said to him as I lifted him out of the crib. 
He just sleepily smiled and waved to me.

After giving Jay a bottle, I went downstairs to eat some breakfast.
I found a mess on the counter.
That's weird, I never made any ice cream.
I figured it was the strange man that was in the house earlier.
It looked like the ice cream machine had exploded.
It amused me, though, how colorful of a mess it was.

After cleaning up that mess, I had some leftover bacon for breakfast.
 I  seriously have to stop leaving dishes on the table.
I scolded myself in my head.

Since all of the dishes were now clean, I headed upstairs to finish some paintings.
I wasn't too impressed with how my unfinished one turned out, but I had high hopes for my other ones.

The next one I painted was pretty... cute
I thought that this painting would look great in the boy's child/teen room. 
I headed in there to hang it up.

I thought it fit in there pretty nicely.

I decided to paint another painting, but this time, for the girls' room.
I really liked it.

I went into the nursery and picked up Jay.
 I tickled him and took care of him, but still, I wanted to tell him about being a brother.
 I didn't want to, once again, confuse him about it and not explain it. 
I figured it would take too much time than it was worth.
With a kiss on the forehead, Jay was out like a light.

Minutes later, I was, too.

I woke up feeling confident. 
I felt like today was the day that my next child will be born.
 I then popped my head into the nursery.
 Jay was still asleep which meant that I could get myself ready first!

After showering and eating, Jay was soon taken care of, too.

Three powerful kicks in a row signaled to me that it was time to meet my new baby.
This time around, I was hoping for a girl!
I realized, though, that Jay was still in the room.
 I didn't want him to be traumatized or anything, so I told him to take a toy out into the hall.
Of course, being the good kid he is, he walked out with a teddy bear in hand.

Labor had taken way longer than I thought it would've.
When it was all over, I welcomed twin girls into the world. 
I was glad I was blessed with a girl, but I wasn't so sure if I could handle two.

This is my lovely Nicole Bear.

And this is my beautiful, blue Paris Bear.

I changed the nursery a little bit, so that it was now pink and purple for my twin girls.

After I placed 3 birthday cakes on the tables, it was time to age up my kids!

Nicole Bear! She doesn't have a lot of hair but, I love the bow.

Paris Bear! Her outfit is pretty much opposite of her twin's!

Jay Bear! He insisted on keeping his fohawk. The color of his shirt brings out the color of his eyes!

I was so glad to be blessed with my 3 beautiful kids, and I couldn't wait to have 97 more.

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Chapter 5 - Finally Pregnant Again!

I woke up the next day, really anxious to be pregnant again.

Jay was still sleeping, so I had time to get myself ready for the day. 

I threw away some bad food, ate cake for breakfast, and showered to get ready.

Since I was ready, I checked up on Jay. He was awake and ready to take on the day.

My challenge had to continue, soon, so I invited Kevin over.

But, he had something against me again. This was all a waste of my time. "You've got some issues and I'm not sticking around to deal with them." he told me. "Fine then! Leave!" I said. He walked away and got in his car as I stood there and just watched him leave. 
I have to break up with him. It's just a waste of my time.

I went back inside and upstairs to check on Jay. He was playing with blocks. I decided to teach him how to walk.
He took a few steps towards me but, fell into my arms on the last one. 
"That was a great start!" I told him, trying to be encouraging.
After a while, he finally got the hang of it. I tossed him in the air to celebrate. 
"Good job, Jay! I'm proud of you!" I told him. He just giggled.

I put him down and gave him a bottle. Learning how to walk sure does make a toddler hungry!

I called Kevin and invited him over. I needed to break up with him.
I wasted no time.
"You keep flipping out and it's all just a waste of my time!" I yelled at him. 
"I'm sorry, it's just..." he stuttered.
"Nope! That's it! I've had enough! It's over!" I shouted.
"Fine then! I never liked you anyways!" he said. 
"Obviously you never liked me, you idiot." I thought to myself.

He quickly left, and so did I. I had to meet someone new. I couldn't waste anymore time, either.
I met this blue guy who had just moved in across the street from me! 
I introduced myself. "Hi, my name is Payton! I live in that house across the street." I said pointing to my house. "Oh, cool! I just moved here. My name is Carl, by the way." he replied. 
"Nice to meet you!" I said, trying to be very friendly.

I told him about my challenge, and he said that he would love to participate. 
He better not flip out like the past 3 guys have!
But, it was getting late and I had to go home. 
I had a good feeling about this guy, though.

I went upstairs to put Jay in his crib.
I gave him a kiss on the forehead. "Goodnight, buddy!" I said as I kissed him. 
"Night!" he said, sleepily. It was pretty late.

I headed downstairs and ate a bowl of cereal. 
Who doesn't like a good bowl of cereal late at night?
 I gave myself an excuse to not feel bad about eating breakfast for dinner. 
Breakfast for dinner reminded me of my dad. 
The night before he left for the war, that he died in, he made me and my mom breakfast for dinner. 
I really did miss him.
I sighed with my head full of memories.
I decided to spruce up the place a little bit with some new items and a new child/teen room.

I really liked how the teen room turned out. It was split into two rooms.
The boys side and the girls side.

I also made the bathroom a little more fun and kid-friendly.

Feeling proud of my accomplishments of the day, I went to sleep in a good mood.

The next morning, Jay woke up before me, starving.
I hurried in there to take care of him.

One bottle and a shower later, I called Carl to come over. 
I was finally relieved that the answer was "Yes!"

Deciding to try out some of my new gadgets, I deep fried some bacon for breakfast.
Hey, at least it was a break from cake.
It was pretty fun and the bacon smelt and tasted delicious.
I really have to make this more often.

After my breakfast, I decided to try out my new massage chair.
It was a really relaxing wait for Carl.

After relaxing for a bit, I went upstairs and started a small painting, finished it, and hung it up on the wall.
I loved the colors I had put in it.
Where is Carl?

When I heard footsteps up the stairs and the sound of Carl's voice, I realized he had just come in.
I wanted to check on Jay, first, though.

As soon as I entered the nursery, the potty chair smell hit me hard.
Great. A smelly potty and a puddle on the floor.
After a few minutes and one bottle, the mess was cleaned up and Jay was happy.

I found Carl in the game room. After chatting for a while, we finally got to it.

I was proud of myself, because I had finally gotten some progress.
Carl's PJ'S were pretty weird, though.
 Like, really, who sleeps in a bunny suit?
It didn't matter, though, because I had finally made progress.
I broke up with him and we went our separate ways, like usual.
I did thank him, though, for being there the whole time.
After my past relationships, I was really thankful for this one.

 I didn't bother to change my clothes, since I was just gonna go to bed soon, anyways.
I went into the nursery to put Jay to sleep in his crib. 
I kissed him on the forehead again as I told him goodnight.
I then took a quick shower and ate a quick, late dinner.

I went to bed, feeling good about everything.
I was awoken by Jay, but I was okay with it. 
I started taking care of his morning needs when all of a sudden I felt like I was gonna puke.

After puking, giving Jay his breakfast, eating my breakfast, then puking again, I came to the conclusion of being pregnant.

Hoping to not have any more morning sickness, I decided to start a new painting to pass time.

In the middle of painting, I felt a kick in my stomach. 
Feeling relieved, I changed into some maternity clothes and rubbed my tummy. 
 I talked to my tummy and told my new baby how long I had waited for it.

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