Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Chapter 3 - Party Time!

I put away ALL of the cake leftovers.
With 100 kids I'm probably gonna have a lot of leftover birthday cakes in the fridge!

Jay was sitting on the floor watching a kids show on T.V. They were teaching kids how to count using puppets. Jay just sat there and stared at the T.V. probably not learning anything.
I laughed and picked him up and headed upstairs.

I needed to start right away with teaching Jay all of his skills. First up, potty training. I sat him down on the yellow bear potty chair. I hoped that I would be able to use the pink one soon!

I put Jay in the baby swing and set the swing setting on 'low'. I didn't want him to get sick from swinging on the 'high' setting. He was probably gonna be in there for a while.

He instantly fell asleep.

Tyler unexpectedly came over. "What are you doing here?" I said to him. "Oh, I wanted to see how my child is..?" he responded. "Oh, he's great! His name is Jay and he has my hair and your eyes. He is already a toddler now." I explained to him. "Wow! I wanted a boy. That's great! Well, good luck with your challenge!" he said back. "Thanks," I said as he left.
That was kinda weird that he wanted to check up on Jay. Well, he is his child, after all. I hope all the other dad's don't come and check up on their children, too.

I headed over to the park after Jay left. I needed to get a new baby inside of me! I met this man named Javed. He was very nice. I told him about my challenge and asked him if he would like to participate and be a dad in my challenge. "Sure!" he said, enthusiastically.

We chatted and flirted for a while. I invited him over to my house, but he said, "I would love to! But, I have to go to work right now. Sorry, maybe next time! Bye!" I responded with a simple, "It's fine. Bye!"

As I drove back home, I thought about Javed. 
Who goes to work at 9:00 at night? Hopefully I can just get a baby inside of me soon!

When I got in the nursery, I saw that he was still in his swing!
I quickly took him out of it and said to him, "Sorry, Jay! You were stuck in that swing all night weren't you!" He just nodded his head, smiled, and kissed me on the cheek. 
I felt very loved and that moment and couldn't wait to have 99 more children to love!

Hopefully they are all as sweet as Jay.

I fed him a late dinner, then went downstairs to eat mine.

On my way back up, I thought about how hard this challenge was really going to be. I already committed, though, and I wasn't going to let myself down.

"Goodnight my little Jay bird!" I said to him. I gave him a kiss on the forehead as he told me, "Night, mommy!" 
I left the room and turned off the lights.

It had been a long day, and it felt good to sink into my soft, warm bed.

When I woke up, Jay was still sleeping, which meant that I had time to get ready myself. I ate some leftover pancakes for breakfast. I saw my leftovers from last night still on the table.
Man, I have GOT to stop doing that!

After breakfast, I invited Javed over.
I have GOT to get a baby in me soon!
He said, "Sorry, I have plans all day. Maybe tomorrow?" 
"Sure.. maybe tomorrow." I said, disappointed.

I remembered that I still had an unfinished painting upstairs.
 I started this painting when I was pregnant, and I'm gonna finish it as a mom with a toddler!
And so I did. It turned out pretty good to me, but didn't sell for much.

I heard Jay wake up and I headed right in there.
"You woke up late today, huh?" I said to him. He just nodded his head and smiled.

He seemed very happy all of the time, even though he was an only child. I remembered growing up as an only child. It sucked. Jay didn't seem to mind as much, though.

I started to paint some colorful streaks on a small canvas but, didn't get the chance to finish it. My stomach growled really loud. I decided to put my painting on hold to go and eat something.

I ate some leftover cake, of course.

Suddenly, I got a call from Javed. He invited me and Jay over to his house for a party tonight!
 "I felt bad about not being able to hang out, so we can hang out now." he said over the telephone. Something in voice signaled that he was lying. I tried to just trust him, though. 
"Okay!" I said, "That's sweet of you to invite Jay! We will definitely be there tonight." "Great! See you there!"

With time to kill, I went upstairs to teach Jay some skills. He got potty training down! I was so glad that I wouldn't have to teach him anymore! 
"Good job, Jay!" I congratulated him. He just laughed and clapped for himself.

Since the dress code was 'Formal Attire', I changed into my best dress and heels. I changed Jay into his little tux, too.

And just like that, we were gone!
It seemed like something about this party wasn't right, though. I just tried to push those thoughts away and focus on my challenge.

I put Jay down on the floor and turned the T.V. on for him to watch. I walked up to Javed, still feeling weird, and started chatting with him.

I looked over at Jay, and he seemed to be enjoying himself over there. Javed and I laughed because he was so small on the ground with all of these adults at the party.

Like I thought, everything wasn't normal with Javed. He started to get a little creeped out by me.
What is his problem?

"Okay," I finally said to him, "What's the deal? Why do you not like me anymore? I thought this party was just for us to hangout! I guess not, huh?"
 "Well, I.." he stuttered, "I don't want to be a part of your challenge anymore! That's why I threw this party! To break up with you."
Shocked, I yelled at him and let all my anger burst out.
 "Fine then!" I yelled at him, "We will break up! And I am happy that we did! I don't want you anywhere near me, let alone be a part of my challenge! You would've made an awful dad, anyways!"

 I wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. This relationship was all a waste of my time.
"C'mon Jay, we're leaving." I said to Jay as I picked him up. 
"M'kay." Jay said back to me.
 Everyone just stared at me and Jay as we left, speechless. I didn't mind, though. At least we were leaving.

We left that house as fast as we could, with no regrets. I was relieved to be home.

I was glad that I would always have my kids. The dads come and go, but my kids... my kids will be with me and love me forever.

I watched as Jay instantly fell asleep. He was so sweet. I knew that he would always be, too. I was glad to call Jay my son.

After this huge, emotional day, I happily sank into my bed and instantly fell asleep, just like Jay. I had no idea how I would get pregnant now. Everyone seemed to back out. I felt frustrated, but tried to not give up so fast.
My dad's words ran through my mind.
"If you never fully commit and put your mind to something, you will NEVER be able to accomplish it."

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