Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Chapter 10 - Changes, Changes, and Changes!

It was time for a change. Something different.
I loved my house, of course, but it felt weird living in the same house that I grew up in.
It felt like I wasn't on my own.
It was time to move.
I called all of the kids downstairs.
"Okay, guys." I said, looking at all of their sweet faces. "Guess what we are gonna do!"
Nicole took a shot and guessed. "Are we getting a puppy?"
I laughed and said, "No, sweetie."
"Darn." She looked sad.
I kept her want for a pet in mind while I announced the news.
"We are moving to Sunset Valley!"
All of my kids started cheering and my werewolf twins howled in excitement.
"When are we leaving?" Jay asked.
I didn't really think about that.
I shrugged. "I guess right now. Go grab what you want to take with you!"
All of my kids ran upstairs to their rooms with excitement, getting ready to move.
I went into the nursery and grabbed Naomi and Bailey's werewolf teddy bears to take.
After about 20 minutes, everyone met downstairs.
"Say 'Goodbye house!'" I said to Bailey as I held her in my arms.
"Buh-Bye house!" Bailey said, waving and blowing kisses towards the stairs.
All of us laughed and loaded up into the car to drive to our new home.

After a 45 minute drive, we finally pulled up to our new house.
I smiled in excitement as I realized how beautiful our house is.
Looking into the back of the car, I found everyone but Jay to be sleeping.
Softly rubbing their arms and shaking my kids awake, we all grabbed our belongings and headed out of the car.
I just fell in love with my new pink car in the driveway as we got closer.
The closer you got, the more beautiful the house became.
I had been looking at this house secretly online for a while, but it looked 10 times better in person.

The porch looked amazing. I couldn't wait to use it.
Paris said she liked the mistletoe being outside.
"Why?" I asked.
"It'll make it more romantic when it is cold outside." She replied, with a professional tone in her voice.
"Ugh, she has been reading too many romance novels." Nicole groaned.
I just giggled at both of them and took out the house key from my pocket.

As we walked into the house, I told the kids to go, explore, and have fun.
I first walked into the gorgeous kitchen as my kids ran up the stairs.
I loved the accent of blues everywhere.

The nursery was adorable! The tree bookshelf, I think, tied the whole room together.

I loved my new bedroom, my favorite part being the leopard-print bed.

The kids' room was everything they wanted.
I walked in as everyone was claiming their beds.
"I call the butterfly one!" Paris shouted.
"Good, because I like the patchwork one better!" Nicole said with a face filled with joy.
"I already know which one is mine." Jay said, laughing.
I giggled and moved on to the rest of the house.

Walking out the slider back doors, I found a porch with lounge chairs and a grill.
I looked really nice, and I was very pleased with it.

When I looked to my right, I saw a hot tub surrounded by bushes.
I couldn't wait to use it!

I walked back into the house to get everything settled.
I asked Jay for some help, and like the great son he is, he helped me get the toddlers settled in the new nursery.

He escaped to his room to play computer games, but it was fine with me.
He said he loved the new laptop because it ran 'Tony Hawk: Pro Skateboarding' better than the old computer.
As long as he was happy, I was happy.

Walking and talking lessons went on for a while in the nursery, switching off girls every so often.
"Say, 'I like the new house.' Bailey!" I said, teaching her new words.
"I love the new house!" She said enthusiastically.
"Great!" I laughed.

I looked out the window to find Paris and Nicole having a water balloon fight in the heat.
I heard the laughter, screams, and shouts all the way from inside, upstairs.
Paris tossed the water balloon up and down in her hand and had a competitive smirk on her face. "You ready?" She said confidently.
Nicole clapped once and replied, "Oh, it's on like Donkey Kong!"
Paris threw the balloon as hard as she could. She had great aim.
The balloon hit Nicole with a big splash as they both squealed and laughed with excitement.
They were both so cute.

I felt the heat coming on, too, so I turned the AC on to cool off the house.
It didn't kick in right away, so, impatiently, I walked downstairs and made myself an ice cream cone.
I ate it while I watched my girls have their water balloon fight.
Paris noticed me standing there before Nicole did, and she mouthed the words, "Watch this."
I did as she wanted me to, and I watched her nail Nicole with a purple water balloon.
Nicole wasn't expecting it and she fell to the ground with a laugh.
I noticed that they were out of water balloons, so I invited them inside, each handing them a beach towel to dry off with.
"There's ice cream in the kitchen!" I said.
Those were the magical words that made them rush inside.

Paris got to the machine first, and Nicole was not impressed.
Paris took her sweet time, knowing that her sister was waiting, just to bother Nicole.
Eventually they both got their ice cream and everything was all better.
They then both went back outside to fill up some more water balloons continue their fight.

With more hours and more lessons, Naomi and Bailey were exhausted.
I put both of them into their cribs to go to bed and headed downstairs.

Suddenly, Nicole ran into the house, drenched.
"Is everything okay?" I asked, worried.
Nicole shook her head. "No, look outside! There is water coming from the clouds!"
I was immediately suspicious. "Okay, just go upstairs and get ready for bed, sweetie."
"Okay." She said, a little confused.
I quickly ran to the window, to find that Nicole was right.

Sure enough, you could clearly see the raindrops falling down fast.
It hadn't rained since I was 2 years old.
I remember my dad holding me in his arms outside in the rain.
I remember feeling the cold raindrops on my hands and face.
I couldn't believe that it was raining again.
It had been years since I had seen rain.
There weren't that many memories involved with rain in my head, but I would never forget this one.
But then, I started thinking.
Since there is rain... will there be snow?
I shook the thought out of my head and sunk into my soft, warm bed, falling asleep to the sound of raindrops hitting the windows and house.

I woke up sometime around 12:35 in the morning and heard footsteps downstairs.
I figured it was just one of my kids getting a midnight snack.
What made me sit straight up in bed, though, was the sound of an evil laugh and the dragging of furniture.

I cursed under my breath and quickly ran out into the hall.
Jay was there, too, on the phone with the police.
I sure was thankful that Jay was a brave kid.
It was so dark that you could barely see the robber, but I knew he took something outside of the upstairs bathrooms, for sure.

The girls came out of the bedroom, too, awaken by all of the noise.
I heard police sirens from down the street and felt relieved.
I reassured my kids and told them that everything was under control, but then ordered my kids immediately to go back to bed when I heard car doors slamming.
I watched from the upstairs window as the police came running up to my new house.

The police woman did the job and won the fight with the criminal.
I was relieved, once again, when the robber was in handcuffs.
The officer led him over to the cop car and shoved him into the back seat.

The officer came into the house, with the criminal officially under arrest, to replace any items that he took.
She made sure that I was aware of the lack of security in my house.
I was confused. I looked over to the front door and realized that there was no security alarm.
I explained that we had just moved here and I was too busy getting my kids settled in that I forgot about alarms. I quickly pulled one out of the moving boxes and hooked it up.
She understood and continued to creep around, making sure that everything else in our house was normal.
Jay was having a midnight snack, ice cream.

I guess Jay didn't hear us having our conversation because his heart skipped a beat from seeing the police officer unexpectantly.
 Moments later, his Cookies N' Cream Ice Cream Cone was on the floor.
"Aw, man." Jay sighed, as he got paper towels out of the cabinet to clean up his mess.
The police officer apologized to him and told me that everything was fine now. 
I giggled quietly, to myself, and walked up the stairs to go back to bed.

I slowly woke up to the sound of quiet, happy growls and howls.
Then, fully awake now, I heard Jay softly sush them, telling them that they were going to wake up mommy.
I walked in to see Naomi waving to me and drinking down a bottle of warm milk, at the same time, and Jay changing Bailey's clothes.
"Thanks, Jay." I said with a smile as I waved back to Naomi.

The rest of my day consisted of  eating, cleaning, and putting everything from the moving boxes away, while my kids were at their new school.
Until now, I had never realized how many books we had.

Before I knew it, they were all home.
Nicole had brought home a new friend, which was fine with me.
I'm used to the house being busy and crowded anyways.
They were all eating afternoon snacks and doing their homework together.

When I went downstairs to start cooking dinner, only Nicole and Paris were left at the table.
Jay usually finishes his homework before them, being older and all, but I had no clue where the other boy was.
"So, where's your friend?" I said to my twins as I grabbed milk and cheese out of the fridge.
"Oh, he went upstairs with Jay." Paris said, looking up from her work.
"He wasn't even done with his homework, though." Nicole added in as she counted on her fingers.
"Okay. Hey, how does Mac & Cheese sound for dinner?" I said, pouring the milk into a bowl.
"Great!" Nicole said, turning around and giving me a thumbs up.

Soon, Nicole had finished homework, the mac & cheese was finished, and Paris was still doing her homework.
I put some of the mac & cheese into a bowl for myself to eat, and I sat down next to Paris.
"Do you like the new house?" I asked, hoping for a 'yes'.
Paris put her pencil down. "IT'S AMAZING!" She said, her arms moving in the shape of a rainbow.
"Glad you like it!" I laughed, "I love it, too. What's your favorite part of the house?"
She thought about my question for a moment. "I think the yard is the best. There is a ton of space to run around and play!" 
"I'm glad you love it!" I smiled.

I then washed the dishes, put away the mac & cheese leftovers, and headed up stairs.
My toddlers were happily playing in the nursery together.
They both were sitting on the floor facing each other when I walked in.
I guess they were playing some sort of game where one person growls, then the other one howls in the same pitch.
Aww, werewolf harmonizing.
I giggled at them and their game and potty trained both of them.
Naomi got it down!

I got them ready for bed and put them into their cribs.

Soon, everyone was asleep.
I was soon asleep, too, though... but,

Not for very long.
For a moment, I wished that they weren't werewolves.
Every time they need something, they howl and growl instead of regular crying.

But, as I got them ready for the day and looked into their yellow, glowy eyes and smiled back at their sweet, fanged smiles, I truly realized how blessed I am.
Sure, supernatural kids keep you on your toes all the time, but most of the time, they are a joy to have around.

I went into my room, with my kids taken care of, and looked into the mirror.
I thought about how much my life had changed in the past few months.
I then realized how I haven't changed, though.
"Let's fix that." I said to myself, opening to dresser drawer.

It probably took me somewhere around 30 minutes to give myself a makeover, but I really liked my new look.
I was certainly ready for fall and winter to come, with my headband that kept my ears warm, my coat that keeps the rain away, and my boots that keeps my feet from freezing.

With a new look, I walked into the nursery to be greeted with shouts.
"Mommy... Pretty!" Bailey said. She probably liked the pink-ish colors I had on.
Naomi walked over to me as gave my leg a hug, feeling the fur on my boots.
"Soft!" She said, amazed with how it felt.
I picked her up and gave her a kiss.
I smiled at her. "Want to learn some new words?"
"Yes, please!" She grinned enthusiastically.
I sat down and started teaching her new words, while Bailey amused herself with blocks.
"Say... Pumpkin!"
"Close enough." I laughed.
Then, an idea popped into my head.

I heard the jumble of my kids arriving home from school downstairs, and went to check up on them.
They all looked very tired, frustrated, and down when I got down there.
"What's the matter, guys?" I said, sympathetically, as I sat down next to Nicole.
As if it was on cue, all of them sighed in unison.
"We all love the new house and everything, but..." Paris started to say.
"School has been rough for all of us lately." Jay said.
Nicole looked as if she was going to cry.
Tears started to roll down Nicole's face as she leaned on me. 
"Mr.Finley always yells at me, even when I get the answer right." Nicole said in between sobs.
Paris shook her head in agreement.
I gave Nicole a hug, trying to make her feel better.
"Hey, you know what? I just came up with a fun plan, that all of us will enjoy." I said with a cheery tone in my voice.
All of my kids looked a little less stressed.
"It's a surprise for tomorrow, though." I said with a big smile on my face.
"Ooohhh, I love surprises." Nicole said, wiping the tears from her cheeks.
"Good." I smiled.

About an hour later, all of my kids were asleep and I decided to get their surprise all ready.
I couldn't wait to see how it all turned out.
I stepped outside to leave with warm thoughts in my mind.

I immediately felt the fall night chill on my cheeks.
It was freezing outside!
I turned around and went straight back inside to put heavier clothes on.
I grabbed a heavy jacket and a panda hat to put on.
"Let's try this again."
I stepped outside for the second time, and didn't feel as cold as I did the first time.

Yes, I did hop into a pink car... just not the same one.
My new one had more space to take all of my kids somewhere.
It was way more convenient than my old one.

When I stepped out of my car, it was raining this time.
I had to pull out my leopard-print umbrella to keep myself somewhat dry.
The wind made the rain even worse, making it not only fall from above, but hit my face from the side, too. I sighed as I walked into the grocery store, soaked.

I got home and put everything into the fridge.
The rain was still pouring outside and I still felt the fall chill, even though I was indoors.
I walked over to the coffee maker and made myself a white chocolate cappuccino with caramel and whipped cream on top.
I shivered as I waited for it to be done.
After turning the heater on, my drink was hot and ready.
I sat down at the bar counter and sipped up my warm, delicious drink.
I looked out of the kitchen window and watched the rain drip down on it.
I then felt the caffeinated drink start to kick in. I didn't feel as tired anymore. 
I looked at the clock. "11:24 PM".
I sighed as I finished the last sips of my drink, realizing that I would be up for a few more hours, hyped up on caffeine.

I decided to use my late night's energy wisely.
I'm pretty sure that I cleaned every single thing that night.
I felt like I had a battery energy level that was always full.
Suddenly, while cleaning the sink, I felt as if I had been drained of energy.
I collapsed on the floor, exhausted.


I woke up in my bed the next morning.
I have no clue.
I slipped my slippers on and felt ready to take on the day.
With a quick peek in the nursery, I knew that my toddlers were taken care of by Jay.
I was really glad to have him. If I didn't, I have no idea how I would survive some days.
As I started walking down the stairs, I realized that my kids were gone and that I could start on the surprise I had planned for them.
I felt excited as I grabbed a pumpkin from the fridge and went out onto the front porch.

My big surprise for my kids was a fun, fall activity that everyone could do.
Pumpkin Carving!
I decided that I would carve mine first, leave it on the front porch, then when my kids get home, I'll tell them to each get a pumpkin from the fridge and make their own.
It sounded like a fun surprise to me!
I started to pull all of the pumpkin guts out of the pumpkin as I thought about what I would make mine look like.
I didn't want to go with something traditional, because that's just boring. And I am not boring.
With my pumpkin ready but my brain not, I sat there just thinking.
Suddenly, I saw someone walking by, holding their cat, heading to the cat park that was near my house.
Bingo! That's what I'll do!

I was very happy and pleased when I finished it.
It looked exactly as I had envisioned it in my head!
I was proud of my kitty pumpkin and I couldn't wait to see how my kids' would turn out.
I looked behind me when I heard a car honk. It was a school bus.
I got my pumpkin ready and stood in front of it, making it impossible to see it.
My kids all tumbled out of the bus and made their way to the front porch.
They all stopped walking. "Uhh..." Jay looked confused.
I could see why. I was standing on the front porch with a big grin on my face.
I walked out of the way, making my pumpkin visible and shouted, "SURPRISE!"
"Oh, it's so cute!" Nicole and Paris said in unison.
"I made this pumpkin! Now it's your turn. There are pumpkins in the fridge. Each of you go grab one and meet me out here, I'll help you start it out." I motioned them to go inside.
"But, Mom, what about our homework?" Jay said, worried.
"Forget about homework for a sec and have some fun! Just drop all of your school stuff inside and grab a pumpkin already!" I opened the door for them.
They all crowded around the fridge, reaching for their own pumpkin as I cleared some space on the front porch for everyone.

I layed down some newspaper and Jay was the first one out.
He said his idea was a ghost.

I didn't even help him at all and his turned out great!

The girls both came out at the same time with pumpkins that were bigger than the size of their heads. I layed down more newspaper for them.
Paris said she wanted to make a silly one and Nicole wanted to make an evil one.

Both of theirs were amazing! I only helped a little bit, too.

We each put our pumpkin in a place on the front porch.
"Now everyone will be able to see our amazing pumpkins!" Nicole was very excited.
All that afternoon, they went on and on about carving pumpkins and about how much they enjoyed their surprise. I was glad they had so much fun.
Time went by fast, and before I knew it, all of my kids were happily asleep.

I figured I had an opportunity to make some progress with my challenge, so I went to this guy's house. Fairy with bright blue hair. Yup. Sounds perfect!

One thing led to the next, and the job was done.
Hopefully it's a fairy!

After a very productive day, I was sound asleep in my warm bed.
I looked at my clock on my nightstand right before I went to bed.
It said "2:46 AM" as I closed my eyes.
I knew I would wake up late.

The screams of my toddlers woke me up with a jolt. I sighed as I rolled out of bed.
I sleepily walked in to find my kids, and one of their friends, doing everything that needed to be done in the nursery. I told them to all go, leave, and play something because they always take care of everything. I felt like I never did anything to help.
They always took control and helped. I really needed to spend some time with my toddlers, though, or else they might start to think that Jay is their dad.
I thanked them for their help, but ordered them to have fun while I took care of everything.

I went back to sleep for about 30 minutes, waking up to the sound of growling and scratching.
I guess I shouldn't leave my toddlers on the floor. They just walk through the door into here.
Right there, Bailey was tearing up my computer desk.
"BAILEY. NO!" I said, picking her up and putting her on my bed.
"I.. I.. I sorry, mommy." Tears filled up in her eyes.
"It's okay, sweetie, you can't tear up furniture, though. You understand?" I wiped the tears from her cheeks. 
"I understand." She said, with a guilty look on her face.
I lifted her off of the bed and onto the ground. "Now, go and play in the nursery while Mommy sleeps for a little bit longer."
She walked into the nursery. "Night night!"

I eventually did wake up again, but this time, not feeling too hot.
I grabbed my stomach and ran to the bathroom.
After that, I ate... and threw up again.
It's something I've gotten used to now.

After puking twice, I went to offer some fun to my girls, since my other kids had a blast yesterday.
"Hey, girls! Do you want to carve pumpkins, too?" I walked into the nursery, excited.
"Yes!" They both shouted in unison.
"Okay, let's go!" I picked them both up and headed downstairs.
I figured that I would let them decide how they wanted their pumpkin made, and I would make it for them.

I changed their clothes and mine into warm, heavy clothing.
Jackets, boots, and even gloves.
It sure was chilly outside, though.

I started carving a kitty for Bailey, and a silly pumpkin for Naomi when all of my kids came out from the house. They all had determined looks on their faces.
They all walked over to me in a group and I stopped carving to hear what they had to say.
Nicole and Paris both nudged Jay for him to talk first. It made me figure that they wanted something.
"Hey, Mom." Jay started. "Have you heard about the festival at the park yet?"
I thought for a moment. "No, I haven't. What about it?"
"We were all wondering if you could take us there later today." Jay questioned.
Paris really wanted to go. "PLEEAAASSEE?"
"Sure! When do you want to go?" I was excited to take them.
"You know, anytime after school, or whatever." Jay said.
I thought about it for a moment, then said, "You know what. Let's go as soon as I finish these pumpkins. You guys can skip one day of school, right?"
All of their faces lit up with excitement. "YEAH!" They said in unison.
Naomi and Bailey looked at them in confusion of why they were so excited. Nicole sat down next to them and slowly explained the festival to them while Jay and Paris went to rake some leaves to pass time.

I finished Bailey's pumpkin, but something didn't go quite right.
"Uh-oh." I said, a little too loud.
Bailey knew that I was talking about her pumpkin. She looked at her deformed pumpkin and started to sob.
"Wha-What happened?" Tears filled in her eyes.
Here we go again.
I tried to come up with some excuse to make everything better, but I couldn't come up with anything.
"I uh- I just messed up a little, sweetie, it'll be fine, though, because we have an extra one!" I tried to sound cheerful. It was hard, though, looking into my baby's tear-filled eyes. "And, I'll go get the pumpkin right now."
I grabbed the extra pumpkin from the fridge and came back out.

"NO, MOMMY. Not here. Over there!" Bailey demanded, pointing to the other porch, by the garage.
I just couldn't say 'no' to her. I sighed, picked up the pumpkin, and re-did the kitty face all over again, being way more careful this time around.

I felt relieved when I finished it.
I brought it over to Bailey to show her how good it looked this time.
Her little eyes widened in awe. "It's perfect, mommy! Thank you!" She gave my leg a hug.
"Aww, you're welcome, sweetie."

Soon, Naomi fell in love with her pumpkin, too.

They both really wanted them to be on the porch, too.
Since there was no existing space on the porch, I put them by the stairs.
They liked them better there than up on the porch.

With both pumpkins now finished, we were off to the festival!
I grabbed a toddler and Jay grabbed to other one as we all piled into the car.
All of my kids were super excited to go to the festival.
"Can't you drive faster, Mom?" Nicole urged.
"Honey, I'll get a speeding ticket if I drive any faster." I said, looking at how fast I was going.
"Well, those don't cost too much, do they?"
I whistled. "They cost way more than you could imagine."
I slowed down as we arrived at the park, everyone filled with excitement.

All of us were speechless. It was so amazing.
From the haunted house and pie eating contest table to the face painting booth and pumpkin patch, it looked like a blast.
"Now I could get used to this." Paris and Nicole ran off with excitement.
Jay tried to catch them. "Hey, wait up!"
I was left with the toddlers. Luckily, they were pretty good at staying where they were told, so I left them by the hay stacks and went to explore.
Everything was perfect, until it started to sprinkle.
The sprinkle quickly turned into a pour of rain and everyone was soaked.
My kids found me, looking absolutely disappointed. 
My heart just broke looking at their faces. They knew we had to go now, though.
No one would've been able to enjoy anything in the pouring rain.
We all headed back to the car, sadly.

I was about to step into the car, joining my kids, but I felt a huge kick in my stomach and a stretch in my clothes. I changed into maternity clothes, already excited to have the baby.

We all got home, drenched, tired, and hungry.
I got one of the kids' juice boxes and sat down, Nicole soon joining me with a bowl of cereal.
She sat down with a sigh. I felt like I should do something.
"You know, I checked the weather on my phone this morning, and it said it's supposed to be sunny tomorrow. Of course it didn't say there was supposed to be rain today, but I do believe in the sunshine appearing tomorrow." I put a joyous tone into my voice. "I bet if you asked Jay, he would take you and Paris down to the festival tomorrow." I smiled at her.
She had a bit of hope in her eyes. "You really think so?"
"Of course."
She agreed to asking him and left to take a bath upstairs.
I felt bad that the rain ruined the day, but everything happens for a reason.

Jay and I walked into the nursery, to put the toddlers to bed, when the moon was coming up.
There was an unusual green-ish glow to the room. Curious, I peeked out of the window.
Right there in the sky was a huge, full moon. "Woah." I whispered under my breath.
I motioned for Jay to come look at it, too. He had the same reaction as I did. "Woah."
It then clicked in my mind, the connection between werewolves and a full moon.
I cursed under my breath. I'm pretty sure they were going to go crazy.

To control them as much as we could, Jay and I made sure they were fully asleep before leaving them alone. My stomach hurt a little with fear and worry, but I was sure nothing too bad would happen.

As soon as I walked downstairs, my heart stopped.
There was a zombie walking on the front porch.
A zombie
Always thinking about my kids, I immediately hoped that the zombie wouldn't ruin any of the pumpkins my kids had made. That would just break their hearts.
But, I knew I had peashooters out there.
Why weren't they attacking him?
I looked over at one that looked like it was talking to another one.
I wanted to try and get it's attention, but I knew that it wouldn't hear or see me from inside.
I had to go outside. With the zombies.
I ran out the back door and quickly over the the peashooter, avoiding the zombie.
I told it to go attack the zombie on the porch, and ran back into safety.
The peashooter looked at the zombie with that 'You Think You Can Beat Me' look on it's face.
The zombie walked over to it, confidently, but soon was taken down by it.
I breathed a sigh of relief, hoping that more weren't going to come.

Nope. I was totally wrong. In that moment, I saw four more zombies crawl out of the ground.
"Seriously?!?" I said, way more worried than I was before.

But, no need to worry, since all of my peashooters each took on one zombie.
All of them were successful and no more zombies came that night.
I was very thankful that I had those little guys. They really came in handy.

I took care of my toddlers, since they had waken up, with the green tint of the full moon still present in the nursery. My girls were howling as I walked in. They were such crazy little girls.
I checked them to make sure they were still as normal as they usually are, and they were.
I was glad they hadn't lost their minds or anything.

I went to bed early in the morning that day, paranoid about the full moon all night long. My werewolf girls only howled all through the night, but that was way better than losing their minds.
And, every zombie that came was defeated. I would say it was a pretty good full moon night.
No one was injured, the pumpkins were safe, my kids are safe, and all of my peashooters were still alive. Right before I went to lie down in my bed, I looked out my window at the moon.
The full moon.
That thing had tons of power and a lot of control over the town. I just hoped that it never came back. I didn't know how it would never come back, but I hoped it left and stayed away.

When I woke up, my head was pounding. Last night was truly crazy.
All of my kids got a great night's sleep, but that is all that matters.
My werewolves had already been taken care of earlier, so I went downstairs to take some pain killer pills.

All of my kids were eating breakfast when I came down. Nicole was talking to Jay.
"So can you take us?" Nicole sounded excited. "Please?"
"If it's alright with Mom, I will take you guys and we can go to the festival." Jay looked at me.
I smiled as I grabbed the pill bottle out of the cabinet. "Sure. It'd be better for me, too. I have a bad headache today."
"Yes!" Paris shouted. Jay looked at her with that 'Shut Up' look on his face. He pointed to me, then pointed at his head making explosion movements around it. He was pretty much telling her to not be loud since my head hurt.
Paris looked back at me. She mouthed the word 'Sorry' to me. I mouthed 'It's okay' back to her.
"You better go get your costumes on, guys. It's a Halloween/Fall Festival, you know." I informed them.
"Oh, yeah, huh!" Nicole said. "Well, let's go get ready!" 
With that, they all tumbled up the stairs and searched in their dressers for the perfect costumes to wear. They all came down after about 15 minutes.

I gotta tell you, they were pretty creative with them, too.
Jay was a Hot Dog, Nicole was a Clown, and Paris was an Explorer.
They all looked so cute.
"You guys all ready now?" Jay asked them.
They all checked their bodies. "Yup!" They both said.
Jay smiled. "Let's go!"
With that, they were off to the festival, and I was left at home. Pregnant, in pain, and hungry.
I tried to relax and enjoy the quietness while it was here.


About 3 hours later, they came home with pictures and stories.

Nicole told me all about the Haunted House.
She said that all 3 of them were brave enough to enter it.
She said that Jay was brushed with zombie fingers, and that her and Paris were both touched by ghosts.
I actually believed her, with all of the strange activity that had been going on lately.

Then, Jay told me about the Pie Eating Contest. They all agreed that the blueberry pie was delicious.
Jay handed me a picture that the festival workers took at the end of the contest, when he had won.

I took the picture out of his hands and looked closer at his face.
I started laughing hysterically. 
His face was just too funny!

Paris then told me about how they got their faces painted, met some people, entered an apple bobbing contest, and earned a lot of prize tickets.
Jay then butted in and talked about how he bought a scarecrow with all of the tickets they earned. According to them, it was sunny and nice the whole time, but it just started to rain as they were leaving.
I was glad that their day was perfect.
Nicole then surprised me and told me that the scarecrow that they bought was for me.
"Aww, that's so sweet of you guys!" I gave them all a group hug. "Okay, now it's pretty late. Get all of your little heads in your beds!"
They all tumbled up the stairs with laughter, talking about everything that happened today.
"And remember when..." I heard Paris say before they were all in bed.
I headed over to the kitchen to take more pain killer pills, since my head still hurt.

I put my girls down into their cribs with a kiss on the forehead, and they were out like a light.
I realized that I was going to have to change the cute, pink nursery into a cute, blue nursery if my baby is a boy. I figured that I could just change some patterns and some colors and I would be good to go.

I sighed in a happy way as I walked into my bedroom. As I was changing into my PJ's , I thought about everything that happened in the past few days.
We got a new house, we were robbed, I gave myself a makeover, we all carved pumpkins, we survived our first full moon, and my kids had a great time at the festival.
I thought it was a successful week that we had. I really loved how my life was currently.
I was pregnant, had an awesome house, and had amazing kids.
I slipped on my slippers and thought about what Nicole had said before we moved.
"Are we getting a puppy?" It rang back in my head.
As I pulled the covers over myself and got comfortable, I thought about the thought of getting a pet. I loved animals, and I thought it would be a great idea.
I could get a puppy for the kids, and get myself a cat.
It would be perfect!
I couldn't wait to actually get into the process of adopting pets. It would have to be sometime in this next week, but it will happen.
With the thought of puppies and kitties, I fell asleep.

First of all, I would like to say a huge apology to all of my readers.
This chapter has been waited for for a long time. I'm very sorry.
I've been super busy lately.
But, it is made and the blog is made, so I hope you enjoy the rest of the journey here on the blog!
Have any questions or thoughts? Please comment below!


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