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Chapter 9 - Part 2 - Werewolf Twins = Trouble!

I walked into the room slowly to find Naomi sitting straight up in her crib.
 I looked at her but didn't say a word. 
She smiled at me and that's when I saw her fangs and glowy eyes.
 "Whoa." I said under my breath. 
It shocked me a little bit.
"Hey Naomi." I said in a quiet voice, trying to not wake up Bailey. 
"Mommy!" Naomi said to me, smiling really big. 
Her fangs scared me a little bit. 
I knew she wouldn't try to hurt me with them, but they were just freaky.

I changed her into her regular clothes and talked to her while I was still holding her. 
"So, what happened last night? You are a werewolf now, Naomi." I knew that she couldn't talk much, but maybe I could get something out of her. 
She looked at me confused, then put her fingers in her mouth and felt her fangs. "...Werewolf?"
 She looked confused. 
"Yes, honey, werewolf." She still had a confused expression on her face, but suddenly her face light up and you could just see the little light bulb above her head.
 "Yea! Werewolf!" she said, trying to remember. 
"Big boom, woke up, felt funny, howl."

"Okay, Naomi, thank you." I said, still trying to interpret her toddler talk when I set her down on the floor and gave her a bottle.
 I went into the corner of the room and sat down into the rocking chair and rocked and rocked while I watched Naomi eat and play. 
Okay, so, first of all, there was a big boom. 
I didn't feel a big boom at all though last night. 
Neither did the other kids, because I'm pretty sure they would've came to me. 
The 'big boom', in her world, woke her up and she felt different, funny.
 It's true that she howled, because that was what woke me up. 
I felt like a crazed mom and this was just a weird dream. 
It was all so strange.

Suddenly she stopped playing with her blocks and stood up. 
I watched her closely. 
She starting scratching the floor and sniffed around. 
I was about to yell at her, but...

Then she growled. I had no idea what she was doing, but the growling woke up her sister.

Bailey was howling and crying as soon as she woke up. 
It was time to see if she was a werewolf and felt the same way as her sister.

I went over to her crib and said "Good Morning, Bailey." 
Even though it was pretty late at night since we were up late with birthdays last night.
 She smiled at me and that's when her tiny werewolf fangs and glowy eyes stood out at me.
 I asked her the same questions I asked Naomi. 
I told her what Naomi said and she agreed with it, too.
 "Wow. You girls are right." I said to them as I changed Bailey's clothes.
 "So, I guess that means I have werewolf twin girls now!" I said to both of them with a smile as they laughed and howled as a reply.

I gave her a bottle and set her down. 
"I guess I have to just wait and see what they do, now." I said to myself, a little worried.
 I had never had any experience with werewolves, let alone supernaturals. 
"Just have to go one step at a time, huh?" I sighed.

I looked out of the window and saw the twins doing their homework outside.
 I made a mental note to ask them how their first day of school was.
 I also wondered why they were doing their homework out in the dark.

But when I looked a little further over, I saw Ariana playing catch with one of my peashooters.
 I laughed and ran downstairs to go and say hi to her.

But right before I left, Bailey stood up and howled at the moon since it just came out.
I guess werewolves have a natural instinct to howl at the moon.

I forgot that werewolves do that, but hoped they wouldn't both do it every night.

Their small, high-pitched little howls were probably the cutest thing that I had ever heard and actually hoped that they did it every night, just not all night long.

I ran downstairs and found Ariana talking to Paris. 
Paris couldn't stop laughing and I had no clue why.
 Ariana noticed I was downstairs and I said to her with a big smile, "Hey, girl!" 
"Hi!" she said with a big smile and a hug. 
"I love it when you come over and all, but.. why are you here?" I giggled.
 "Just thought I'd stop by! Oh and by the way, Danielle couldn't come because she was out with Chase all night." Ariana said, a little disapointed. 
"Oh, no it's fine. Seriously." I said.
 We chatted for a while, but soon, I heard a scratching noise that sounded like it was coming from upstairs.
 Ariana came with me upstairs to check what it was.

Of course, it was my werewolf girls scratching up the furniture on the outside balcony. 
Just great.

We went back downstairs because I didn't know what to do about my little werewolves.
 I asked Ariana for advice.
 She said that I should just take it easy and try to keep everything under control. 
We both yawned and decided that it was getting late.
I thanked her for helping me, gave her a hug, and she was gone.
 I loved it when she came over, but hopefully I will be able to chat with Danielle soon.

I headed upstairs, with all of my other kids in bed, to take care of my toddlers.
 They were little troublemakers on the inside, but adorable werewolves on the outside.

I got them ready for bed, and while they were both in their cribs, I gave them a lecture about being a werewolf and set down some rules. 
"Okay, you girls are both werewolves now. I'm still not quite sure how it happened, but-" I looked at both of them. 
They were both out.

I sighed as I went into my room and layed in bed. 
Oh, forget it.

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