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Chapter 8 - Zombies and Werewolves?

First of all, I would like to say thank you to Danielle and Ariana for letting me use their sims!

Read Danielle's 100 Baby Challenge here.
Read Ariana's 100 Baby Challenge here.

Enjoy Chapter 8!

When I woke up, I peeked into Jay's room and found out that he was already up.
Next stop, nursery.
"Here you go!" I said to Nicole as I set her on the floor and handed her her bottle.
 She just laughed. 
I remembered that neither of them knew how to talk. 
"I really have to catch up on my lessons."
I made a mental note.
My twins and I were quickly taken care of.

After eating cake, I got a call from Devin. It was a party invite.
"Sure, see you tomorrow!" I replied as I hung up the phone.

Looking for fun, I remembered that I had a photo booth upstairs that I hadn't used before.
I hopped in and had fun taking silly photos.

Not bad.

I heard a door open downstairs. I looked at the clock and reasoned that it was Jay.
I went downstairs to talk to him. 
"How was school, buddy?" I said, enthusiastically. 
"Pretty good." he said, "I heard these rumors that everyone was talking about. They said that there were gonna be all these strange people popping up out of no where, like zombies, fairies, and even werewolves!" 
"Are you sure, Jay, because-" I started to say, right as my phone rang.

"Yes, Mom, I'm sure!" he said. 
"Hang on, Jay, I'll talk to you later. I have to answer this..." I said as I pulled my phone out of my pocket.
"Hey, is this Payton?" I heard an unfamiliar voice say. 
"Yup, it's Payton! Who are you, though?" I said, really confused. 
"Oh! Sorry! I'm Danielle... Danielle Smores! Ariana Little and I just moved here and heard that you were doing a 100 baby challenge!" Danielle said. 
"We are doing the challenge, too!" I heard a different voice say. It must have been Ariana. 
"Oh, that's awesome!" I said, really excited that there were other people doing the same thing as me! 
"Would you want to come over to our house right now?" Danielle said. 
"I'd love to!" I said joyfully, "Let me just put my kids to bed and I'll be over ASAP!" 
"Okay, can't wait!" They both said.

I hung up the phone and headed upstairs to take care of my toddlers. 
I was trying to hurry so that I could get to Danielle and Ariana's house as soon as I could.

As I walked downstairs to leave, I saw Jay playing video games.
 "Hey, Mom, what's for dinner?" he asked. 
"What do you want?" I asked, trying to hurry, realizing that I had to feed him and not just my toddlers, too.
"Jay?" I said.
I was trying to go fast and he wasn't helping.
 I finally just yelled, "JAY!"
 "What, mom?" he asked. 
"Dude, what do you want for dinner?" I said as I caught his attention away from video games.
 "Uhh.. hot dogs." he said, finally making a decision. 
"Got it!" I said, hurrying to the grill to cook some hot dogs.

I quickly grilled the hot dogs and just left them on a plate outside. 
I made sure to poke my head inside and tell him that they were out there, to stop playing video games and actually eat them, and to go to bed soon.
 "K." he said, his brain being sucked out from video games. 
I just shook my head. "Normal guy response.." I thought to myself, laughing a little.

I arrived at their house super excited.
I rang the doorbell and a girl with a very bright-colored hair came out and introduced herself. 
"Hi, I'm Ariana!" she said. 
"It's awesome to meet another challenge mom!" I said, excited. "I'm Payton Bear!" 
I said with a big smile, trying to be as friendly and calm as possible since I am excitable.
 She invited me inside.

"So how long have you been a challenge mom?" she asked me. 
"Uhh..." I said, "Probably a month or so..." 
She replied back nicely, saying "Oh, how cool! So you're new to this, huh?" 
"Yup, I'm a newbie!" I admitted. 
She told me that she had been a challenge mom for a very LONG time, she couldn't even remember how long!

"How many kids do you have?" she asked me.
 "I only have 3 kids, one child and two, twin toddlers. My child is a boy and his name is Jay, and my twin toddlers are both girls, Paris and Nicole." I said, proud of myself for actually being able to say that I had kids and I was on my way to have 97 more. 
The realization of the challenge really hit me when she told me how many kids that she had and that 
Danielle had.
 "Danielle has 38 kids, but I only have 13." She said with a sigh.
 "WOW, 38 KIDS?!?" I said, amazed.
 "Yeah." She replied with a sigh again. 
"Hey, don't feel bad! I've had kid issues, too, girlfriend! You'll get to 100 kids one day. I'll get to 100 kids someday, too. We will all get to 100 kids someday. And if we help each other out, we can do it. Promise." I said, trying to be encouraging and cheer her up.
 "Aww, you're right, Payton!" she said with a smile. 
I smiled back, happy to see that I just made a best friend.

We talked and talked about all of the inside jokes of being a challenge mom. 
"And how the fridge NEVER runs out of cake?!?" Ariana said, laughing. 
"OMG! I thought that was just my fridge!"
 We both laughed and laughed until we cried and our stomachs hurt.
"Hey, where is Danielle, anyways?" I asked, looking around the room. 
She looked around the room, too, and then said, "Hmm... I don't know! ... DANIELLE?" 
Ariana checked all of the rooms while I followed her.

We walked into the bedroom and finally found Danielle. 
Ariana just laughed. Confused, I asked her with a laugh, "Why is that funny?" 
Ariana calmed herself down to explain how Danielle had gone to a party yesterday and stayed overnight.
 She explained how when she went to pick Danielle up that there were just drinks and people EVERYWHERE on the floor. 
We left the bedroom and went out into the hall so that our laughter wouldn't bother her.

"Well, maybe you can meet Danielle next time." She said with a final laugh.
"For sure!" I said with a smile. "I have to go home now, though. See you later, girl!" 
"Bye!" she said as i gave her a hug and left. 
I was glad that I now had best friends that understood me and that I could talk to when I needed it.

The next morning, I woke up to the sound of Nicole crying. 
I came in and saw her making this face. 
"Aww, my poor Nicoley Oley!" I said to her as I picked her up.
2 bottles and a quick search later, I had 2 taken-care-of kids and I figured out that Jay had already left for school.

I remembered the mental note I had made yesterday about the toddler lessons.
I picked up Nicole and started teaching her how to walk.

Before I knew it, I heard a car honk outside. 
I looked out the window to find Jay with a friend.
 I also saw these strange plants outside.
 What the heck are those things? Maybe if I just leave them alone, they'll go away. They might just be weeds, after all.

Since the sun had went down, I put my toddlers in their cribs.

I went downstairs and saw Jay sitting on the couch watching TV. 
I walked over there and sat down next to him. 
"So, how was school?" I said, like I always start the after-school conversations.
"It was... strange." Jay said in a weird tone. 
"Why was it 'strange'?" I asked, confused on how school would be strange. 
He told me a really interesting story.
"Mom, I swear." he said, really serious. 
"Are you sure? Because that sounds like it was FOR SURE fake." I said.
 "Seriously, Mom, there was really, TRULY this zombie walking right there on the sidewalk on the way home from school on the bus. Everyone flipped out and someone shouted, "My dad turned into a zombie last night, too!" Then someone else shouted, "NO WAY! MINE TOO!" he said, wanting me to believe him. 
"Alright then..." I said, trusting him that he was telling me the truth. "That's pretty scary!" I said, being hit by the realization. 
I wonder what other creatures there are out there.

I realized that it was time to go to Devin's party. 
I told Jay to go to bed soon, told him goodbye and goodnight, and headed out with Jay's zombie story still in my head. 
You know, what if there are other creatures like werewolves and fairies out there?
Thinking like a 100 baby challenge mom, I instantly thought of how awesome it would be to have supernatural kids.
 Maybe I should break up with Devin to date a supernatural guy.
I remembered that the dress code for the party was "Formal Wear", so I changed into my dress and headed into the bathroom just as I heard Devin wash his hands.

"You know, Devin-" I started to say. 
"You're breaking up with me." Devin said, interrupting me. 
I was shocked that he picked up so fast, but kind of glad at the same time. 
"Exactly!" I said, with a smile on my face that was WAY too big to the point of me not being polite anymore. 
"Okay. Well, see you later, then! I guess." he said. 
"Kay, bye!" I said as I headed out.

As soon as I got home, I sunk down into bed and fell asleep really fast, dreaming about fairy babies.

I woke up (feeling really good), took care of my girls, went to the bathroom, and showered. 
When I came back they were both playing at the block table together.
 "Aww, you girls are so cute!" I said to them as they both looked at each other and smiled and laughed. 
"Now, who wants to learn today?" I said, prepared to teach them something. 
Nicole got up and walked towards me while Paris refused to leave the block table.
 "Well, it looks like it's Nicole today!" I said and Nicole smiled and Paris continued playing.

I was making myself pancakes for breakfast when Jay left for school.
"Bye, Jay!" I shouted to him as he went outside to get into the bus, "Stay away from the zombies!"
 He laughed and shouted back, "I will!"

After my delicious pancakes, I decided to head out on the town to find a supernatural baby daddy.
After driving past a few houses, one in particular caught my eye.
It was spooky looking and a little beat up.
I thought that I had good chances with it, so I rang the doorbell and was relieved when a a furry man with ripped clothes, glowy eyes, and fangs came out. 
"Hey, my name is Payton!" I said, trying to make a good impression. "Are you new here?"
"Yup! My name is Ozzy. Ozzy Jones. I actually just got settled in and was about to meet some new neighbors! I guess they came to me, though! Come on in!" he said, very nicely.

He was a very sweet guy, but I really had to go home and take care of my kids. 
He understood and we said our goodbyes, and then I was off to home. 
I was really glad that I had found a werewolf boyfriend. 
Hopefully I'll have a werewolf baby!

When I woke up, I had an even better feeling this morning than I did yesterday. 
I had pretty high hopes because of it.
The rest of my morning was just the usual routine.

After breakfast, I heard the doorbell ring.
It was Ozzy!
"What are you doing here?" I said to him with a smile, glad he came.
"Just wanted to stop by," Ozzy said as he grabbed my hands and swayed our arms together.

One thing led to the next...

After that, we just went on our own separate ways.
His way was home and mine was to the nursery.
I taught Paris how to talk.

Losing track of time, I heard Jay come in. 
He yawned really loud to let me know that he was there. 
"Hey, Jay." I said to him, as I got up off of the floor and headed over to talk to him.
"Any zombies today?" I said with a giggle. 
He laughed and said, "No, not today. I'm glad it's the weekend, though." 
I stopped for a second, then said, "Woah, woah, woah, wait. It's the weekend already?" 
"Yeah. Crazy isn't it?" Jay said. 
"It sure is..." I replied, shocked with how fast time flies by.

"Well, you should go to bed soon." I said to him, yawning myself. 
"Alright." he said. I gave him a hug. 
"I love you, Jay." I said with lots of love.
 "Love you, too, Mom." Jay said. 
I was glad to have loving kids like Jay. 
It's what every mom needs.

The next morning, I was in the nursery, teaching the girls their skills, when I didn't feel too hot.

I ran into the bathroom and threw up all of my breakfast.
This continued 3 times after the first.
Oh, the joys of pregnancy.
After getting up to go back into the nursery, I felt a kick in my stomach.
I was pregnant!

Thank you so much for reading Chapter 8! Make sure to check out Danielle and Ariana's Baby Challenges! They're my favorite stories!
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